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2014 Nissan Rogue | Review | Specs | MPG | SUV Crossover

October 26, 2013 22,097 Views

Nissan's Rogue crossover, which first debuted way back in 2006, is finally being replaced with the redesigned-for-2014 model you see here. The Rogue might seem like small potatoes compared to segment-mates like the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, and Toyota RAV4, which rack up monster sales numbers. But make no mistake, despite being about as visually stimulating as a potato—and we mean that in the nicest way possible—the current Rogue is no small starchy tuber to those within the halls of Nissan's HQ. The compact crossover racks up a significant portion of the brand's sales, and it is the second-most popular model in Nissan's U.S. lineup. This latest iteration has big shoes to fill.

Filling Big Shoes with Bigger Feet

Based on size alone, the all-new Rogue more than fills its predecessor's footwear. The new one is 1.1 inches wider, and 1.2 inches taller, and it rides on a wheelbase stretched by 0.6 inch, although, curiously, it's 0.5 inch shorter in overall length. The altered dimensions put a little more space between the Rogue and the smaller, funkier Juke, and place the Rogue a bit closer in size to the Murano. Nissan claims that there's more room inside than before, with an additional 2.6 inches of legroom for back-seat passengers, plus enough extra left over that there's room for an optional third row seat. So equipped, the Rogue offers seven-passenger seating, but we'll reserve judgment on the habitableness of the way back until we experience it for ourselves. Or force our kids to. Beneath the re-dimensioned body sits an all-new Common Module Family platform co-developed with Renault, Nissan's corporate partner. Even though the architecture's fresh, the chassis makes use of a suspension setup—front struts and a multilink rear—familiar to anyone who's crawled under the last Rogue.