Continental Nissan Certified Used Cars

Continental Nissan Certified Used Cars

There’s an unfortunate fear of pre-owned automobiles in the Chicago area, and it’s about time that someone did something about it. Having recently developed a process by which the dealership will certify pre-owned vehicles, Continental Nissan is stepping up to the plate to assuage drivers’ most common fears once and for all.

By expanding a certified used cars program beyond the late-model, low mileage automobiles that typically earn a manufacturer’s pre-owned stamp of approval, the Continental Nissan Certified Used Cars program allows drivers with almost any budget to buy with confidence. By fully addressing common issues like part quality, vehicle warranties, and even “buyer’s remorse,” Continental is reinventing the way that local drivers think about buying a used car in the Chicago area.

Continental Certified Used Cars

Continental Nissan Certified Used

Due to the fact that the quality of a vehicle determines how safely it will serve a driver and their family, the first steps taken in the Continental Nissan Certified Used Cars program address the overall quality of a pre-owned vehicle. After running a vehicle history report to ensure that the vehicle has been maintained properly, Continental Nissan will conduct an 80-point inspection for vehicle quality and safety. This inspection examines the major mechanical and electrical systems that make driving safe and comfortable. From the engine to the air conditioning, Continental Nissan leaves no stone unturned.

The idea of “buyer’s remorse” was mentioned above, though Continental Nissan’s used car certification can account for any feelings of uncertainty you may have about a newly purchased vehicle. With a three-day/250-mile exchange policy for Continental Certified Used Cars, local drivers ultimately have an opportunity to make sure they vehicle they stick with is one that they’ll love. The exchange period allows drivers to bring their original vehicle back to Continental and exchange it for one that might suit their style to a greater degree.

Certified Used Nissan Chicago

In case there may be any apprehension about what can happen after Continental’s three-day exchange period, a valuable warranty is offered with each certified vehicle for 30 days or 1,000 miles. If any covered parts begin to break down over the course of the warranty terms, Continental Nissan will restore your vehicle to fully operational status at no cost to you.

If unsettling fears have kept you from taking advantage of used car values in the Chicago area, be sure to look for the Continental Nissan Certified Used Cars stamp of approval. With an inspection, exchange policy, and a 30-day warranty, Continental is shaking up Chicago’s pre-owned vehicle scene in a significant way. Contact Continental Nissan today for full program details.

Continental Nissan Certified Used Cars Program