2014 Nissan Murano in Countryside, IL

2014 Nissan Murano in Countryside, IL

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada may be the closest that most Midwesterners will ever get to experiencing the beauty and sophistication of northern Italy. The ride inside a Nissan Murano is a close second.

We’re being facetious, of course, but the Nissan Murano has more in common with the ancient city of Venice than one might think. Nissan’s popular crossover actually takes its name from the city of a Murano, a collection of islands less than one mile north of Venice in the Venetian Lagoon. Not only is each 2014 Nissan Murano in Chicago connected with that northern Italian village via namesake, but the attention to detail seen throughout Venetian works of architecture inspired Nissan engineers to design one of the most comprehensively comfortable vehicles on the road today. With that modern interpretation of comfort available locally, Midwestern drivers are never far from beauty and sophistication at Continental Nissan.

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2014 Nissan Murano Interior

Nissan Murano for Chicago Drivers

The 2014 Nissan Murano in Chicago features an exterior design with purposeful lines and contours. Particularly considering the cacophony of noises inherent to big city living, the purpose of those contours is to provide drivers with the most acoustically comfortable ride possible.

Nissan’s means to this end are two-fold. On a structural level, the 2014 Murano is designed to eliminate bothersome noise and vibration. This is done by styling the body to aerodynamically reduce the noise produced by air flowing over the physique of the vehicle. Sealing panel gaps in Murano’s body design helps too. Nissan has also tuned the SUV’s powerful 260-horsepower V6 and its exhaust system to provide the cabin with a sound that satisfies the sensibilities of both driver and passengers alike.

Chicago Nissan Murano

While classic Venetian gondolas would have trouble seating five passengers, that’s precisely the number you’ll be able to accommodate inside the Chicago Nissan Murano. If cargo needs are more pressing than taking the household out for a night on the town, Murano has that covered too. By utilizing the second row’s 60/40 seating split, drivers can open up the Nissan Murano to 64 cubic feet of spacious cargo volume.

To experience the influence of Italian style right here in northern Illinois, test drive the 2014 Nissan Murano in Chicago at Continental Nissan today. Click below to view our complete stock of 2014 Murano SUV crossovers.

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2014 Nissan Murano Exterior