Nissan GT-R Takumi

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Nissan GT-R Takumi

In Japan, master craftsmen are known as takumi. The title itself is not something anyone can earn, as the honor of takumi is reserved for those who have reached the pinnacle of their profession. At the Nissan production facility in Yokohama, four takumi are presented with the task of assembling every one of the GT-R engines that rolls off the line. Each takumi works on an engine exclusively, and they assemble every one of the engine’s 374 parts by hand.


Each GT-R receives a nameplate signifying which Nissan GT-R takumi hand-built the VR38 engine.

The four Nissan GT-R takumi are the only engineers sanctioned to work on the engines placed into the Nissan supercar. The 3.8L twin turbo VR38 is assembled in a special place called the Clean Room. As interested drivers can see from the video below, the immaculate facility houses all of the parts and tools to create one of the more respected engines in the world.

Each engine can take a Nissan GT-R takumi up to six hours to assemble. An engine can only be considered complete after a takumi checks the engine thoroughly, manually tightening and tuning every part for optimal performance. After the engine is quality checked, the Nissan GT-R takumi will place a nameplate on the engine, signifying it was hand-built to the highest standards.

Nissan GT-R takumi take a great deal of pride in representing Nissan performance across the world. GT-R drivers who are equally proud to own a hand-built piece of automotive history have traveled to Yokohama in order to meet the takumi responsible for their GT-R engine. Most notably for American enthusiasts, Jay Leno was one such traveler who visited the storied Clean Room inside Nissan’s world renowned factory.

As a Nissan dealership certified for both GT-R sales and service, Continental Nissan salutes the relentless dedication of the Nissan GT-R takumi. To see what hand-built perfection feels like behind the wheel of a legendary supercar, contact Continental Nissan or schedule a GT-R test drive today.


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